Prepare crab cakes, feast on snow crab legs, or enjoy crab-stuffed mushrooms thanks to the selection of crab offered by Oceanside Seafood. Finding high-quality seafood is essential to creating food that is delicious and safe.

King Crab Legs (Jumbo)

Regular price $139.95 Sale 2 lb. Bag (3+ Legs)

  • 2 lb. Bag (3+ Legs)
  • Contains Legs & Claw Sections
  • Red King Crab (Top Species)
  • 3 - 4 sections per bag
  • Wild Caught USA or Canada
Succulent and decadent in flavor. Our King Crab comes with a mix of legs and claws. You won't be searching for meat as each leg is stuffed with delicious mouth-watering crab meat. Wild caught from the cold waters of the northern Pacific and frozen just after being caught.