Smoked Seafood

Smoked fish is a delicacy enjoyed across the globe and is loved for its rich flavors and incredible versatility. Oceanside Seafood offers more than a half dozen styles of smoked fish that each will delight your tastebuds no matter how you choose to enjoy them.

Oceanside Seafood’s selection of smoked fish includes wood smoked salmon, smoked drum crumble, salmon pâté, wood-smoked trout, and whitefish pâté. You can serve these smoked fish varieties as appetizers, spread them on your favorite bagel or flatbread, or enjoy them with crackers as a midday snack.

Oceanside Seafood is known for its dedication to delivering high-quality seafood to customers across the country. The company has been in operation since 1980 and stands out with its impressive selection and flat-rate shipping. Let Oceanside Seafood do the hard work for you with its delicious smoked fish products.

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