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Lake Whitefish

Lake Whitefish

Regular price $39.95 Sale 2 lb. Bag

  • 2 lb. Bag
  • 8 - 12 oz. Fillets
  • Boneless/cleaned/individually frozen
  • Product of USA

The Great Lakes region of Michigan is known for several things, but one of the most delicious is its Lake Whitefish. This mild, white meat fish is easy to cook and is a favorite of many who try it. Thanks to the company's proximity to one of the best fisheries in the Great Lakes, Lake Whitefish is a favorite of those who shop with Oceanside Seafood.

Each two-pound bag of Lake Whitefish contains 12-ounce fillets. The fillets are mostly boneless and vacuum packed with the skin on for added flavor and freshness. Enjoy these fillets pan-seared, parmesan-crusted, or baked with parsley and lemon zest. Don't miss out on the delicious flavor of Lake Whitefish from Oceanside Seafood delivered to your home.